Add a new brand of batteries, add the announcement of auto batteries.

Our portal gives to any person an opportunity to give a topical information about new models of accumulators. It is a good chance for firms and their representatives to declare about their models of accumulators on our portal.

Thousands of users of Internet from Russia will get to know about Your goods and probably will buy it. The main areas in which our portal gives an information to our users are accumulator battery for cars, motorcycles and utility vehicles and also accumulators for uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

If you want your materials to be set on our portal quickly, timely and in such form you want to show them to our visitors, send us a maximum of the exact information about your goods: qualitative photo of the model, detailed and accurate description with all necessary features. Don’t forget to mention about all the qualities exactly of your model.

Look through carefully all the goods that are on our portal. May be the necessary model or the name of the accumulator is already on our site.


Free posting of information on the site, a great opportunity to find companies to work together to sell your goods in our country.


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